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Dan Cotton
Tech Lead at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange.

Action for Children is an innovative charity, directly supporting over 300,000 children, young people and families every year. Back in 2019, Action for Children’s digital team joined us in the London Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) for a 5-week residency. Over these weeks, our teams collaborated, shared knowledge and ideas and learned from each other.

Post-residency, in late October, discussions began regarding the charity’s first Christmas pop-up store in central London. …

After a pretty serious year, we all need something fun.

The amazing team I work with in Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange in London, (we’re also hiring btw!) are a fun bunch! In our office, we often build small, mini-projects to enhance our space and make our work better and more fun.

The most cherished of these projects was our Spotify music bot for Slack. When our team is in the office, any member of the team can drop onto Slack and queue up their own music via a chatbot, which will then be played for everyone.

I wanted to bring…

Our Applied Innovation Exchange London team

Our London Applied Innovation Exchange brings you a summary of the incredible ways our teams are applying innovation. This quarter’s issue features everything from our retail store-of-the-future to democratising access to speech therapy with AI and much more, so let’s get started!

Our Applied Innovation Exchange brings together a high-impact team made up of designers, technologists, start-ups and more to move from problem statements to business outcomes.

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A message from our new joiner, Izabela

Welcome to this edition of the Applied Innovation Newsletter! …

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This is a write-up of a project from my archive. A prototype built over a couple of days in 2019 as an experiment. I didn’t publish it then, having not taken this specific project further than this two-day hack. But I’m now sharing the process, codebase and learnings for others to build on and who knows, maybe I’ll share the more fully-fledged project that this spark spawned soon.

We live in a connected world. With more and more digital services intersecting and blurring the lines between one another, it’s incredible to see how much untapped value you can access by…

There’s an app for that.” — but for how much longer?

Photo by on Unsplash

We’re rapidly approaching the 10th birthday of the Mobile App as it exists today. In Summer 2008, the two giants in the mobile space launched their respective mobile app stores, since which time, the mobile app has dominated the digital priorities of organisations and been key to customer engagement. Over the past 10 years both app stores have seen exponential growth in both volume of user installs and application numbers on each store. None of which is any real surprise as Mobile Apps have offered a fast, convenient, tailored experience allowing interaction with a brand or organisation whilst on-the-go.


Dan Cotton

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